We Buy Estates, Antiques, and Vintage Items!

We have operated in Southern California for over 30 years and buy huge varitey of your antique and vintage items. Call us today to arrange an on-site appointment at your location. Get CASH for your old stuff!  We buy both individual antiques as well as entire estates. If we can’t buy your item, we can usually refer you to someone who can!  We buy a wide variety of items: furniture, paintings, books, vintage clothes, jewelry, and even old oil cans. You never know what treasure you might find in your garage. Simply contact us and our buyer will come to you at your convenience. You will get cash for your items right on the spot.  HISTORIC ITEMS ARE OUR SPECIALTY.

Contact us today!  (714) 609-6026

♦ Photographs on Paper, Card, Metal, and Glass, or in Albums or Cases

♦ Old Photos                      ♦ Collections of Old Letters    ♦ Military Medals & Patches

♦ Books                                ♦ Mining Memorabilia             ♦ Civil War Relics

♦ Knives & Daggers           ♦ World War I Items                 ♦ World War II Items

♦ Paintings & Art               ♦ Fancy Canes                             ♦ Uniforms

♦ Old Tools                          ♦ Stamps                                      ♦ Old West Relics

♦ Avation Items                  ♦ Early California Artifacts      ♦ Motorcycle Memorabilia

♦ Polics and Fire Badges   ♦ Advertising Items                   ♦ Old Paper

♦ Gold Rush Artifacts        ♦ Civil War Relics                      ♦ Watches

♦ Antique Guns                   ♦ Military Medals & Patches   ♦ Signs

♦ Flags                                   ♦ Crystal                                      ♦ Furniture

♦ Indian Baskets                 ♦ Lamps and Lights                   ♦ Coins

♦ Vintage Clothes               ♦ Costume Jewelry                     ♦ Real Jewelry                

♦ Civil War Relics               ♦ Railroad Antiques                   ♦ Gold and Silver

♦ Pottery                               ♦ Wells Fargo Items                   ♦ Bottles 

♦ Musical Instruments      ♦ Garden Statues                        ♦ Porcelain

♦ Silverware                         ♦ Antique Swords                       ♦ Fireplaces 

♦ Garden Statues                ♦ Water Fountains                      ♦ Clock

♦ Rugs and Tapestry          ♦ Oil Cans                                     ♦ Toys


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